History Of Wellis Technology

Wellis Technology was formed in 1987 by John Ellis and Roy Wells.
We designed computer hardware in an era when PC’s were still relatively new expanding the abilities of this new technology.
We then found many people buying these new fangled computers and they were having problems with setting them up, running out of disk space and many other issues. We were able to respond to these problems and resolve them. In addition business software was sparce and we were able to write custom software for some of our clients, later this continued in web sites.
Around this time we got involved with a local company who were selling computers at a fair rate a week, but 20% of these computers were being returned within a few days with issues. Most of these issues were down to the customers not understanding this emerging technology .
We came to an arrangement with the shop where we delivered the computers for them and set them up for the customer. The return rate dropped to zero. Any issues were resolved and both the customer and the shop were very happy. Many of these customers have since had us back time and again for everything from upgrades to training.
We continue to be at the forefront in this ever changing world and while the personnel have changed along with the technology we still provide a valuable service.

Today John and Caroline run Wellis Technology and our scope has expanded. We still provide technical support but also business administration, disaster and business recovery planning, and a help at home service.