In the Community

Wellis Technology has for many years prided itself on it’s green initiatives, both for ourselves and for our clients.

In computing, a lot of paper is created, from letters, reports, stock lists etc, a lot of this paper is used for a short while and then subsequently bin’d. We have worked with our clients to move to paperless invoicing and reporting where possible. Where paper is produced that is in in recycled securely or shredded.

Where possible, we have recycled old PC’s directly to schools and individuals, either by clearing down and reusing older equipment, or by utilising the components. Where equipment is not able to be reused, we have worked with charities like Guild Care, who take old electronic equipment and they have companies come in to recycle the components and metals as scrap but, reducing landfill. In recent times, we have worked with another local charity the Worthing Soup Kitchen (WSK) and redistributed old equipment, PC’s, Tablets and Mobile Phones to those who have need.

We are currently investigating the possibility of sponsoring an Apiary, again helping the environment and the planet.

Domestic Help

In 2013, Wellis Technology, began doing some domestic work through a local charity, supporting older people in the community who needed help, and on occasion providing additional assistance on more technical issues, that was beyond them. During Covid, we were able to ensure that they were getting their shopping while keeping isolated.