Business Support

For over 30 years, Wellis Technology has been helping our clients resolve thier problems. At the same time, we have grown to understand thier businesses and also how we can over assistance in improving thier businesses.

For one of our clients, we took 50 years of documents and digitised it. Removing 4 large filing cabinets and allowing the whole team to access the information from all of thier offices.

We reviewed one clients processes and replaced several, including a manual process that could take weeks and reduced it down to under a week. We also added automated standard emails to their systems and added GDPR checks to thier systems.

One recent client had to replace several outdated computers, add a server and port some specialised equipment to the new system. This had to be done, in stages working around thier busy schedule and working with multiple software suppliers. This was all completed on time.

We can also show you how to leverage tools like MS Word and Excel to reduce time and therefore cost on processes that are repeated every month.