Systems and Management

Wellis Technology has been supplying custom computer software systems for many years. During this time, we have developed relationships with our customers and taken some of the day to day burden of running some of those annoying business activities for them, or improving the business processes through a review of the process or writing custom systems for them.

One of those is our custom membership systems, these can be adapted for a club or a professional body.

Our systems are designed to be easily modified to suit the client, with preset screens for basic information and then custom screens for the clients personal needs. This keeps the costs of having a custom computer system down. These systems can be to run on a single desktop, local server or cloud based.

We also offer our services to run these systems for our clients, with our own admin team carrying out the day to day running of the systems.

We can also run your invoicing and accounting systems.

If you have any additional needs, why not give us a call.