Technical Support

Whether you’re a small business or a home user, Wellis Technology is here to assist you. With over 40 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers who return time and time again, we offer comprehensive tech support to meet all your needs.

Our services are convenient and hassle-free—we come to you. There’s no need to unplug or transport your equipment; we’ll handle everything on-site.

Our Services Include:

  • PC Setup: Get your new PC up and running with professional setup services.
  • Data Migration: Safely transfer data from your old PC to your new one.
  • Home Network Setup: Establish a robust and secure home network.
  • Wi-Fi Troubleshooting: Resolve connectivity issues and optimize your Wi-Fi performance.
  • Backup Solutions: Implement reliable backup systems to protect your data.
  • Smartphone Setup: Configure and personalize your smartphone for optimal use.
  • Tablet Setup: Set up your tablet to ensure it meets your specific needs.
  • Data Recovery: Recover lost or deleted data from various devices.
  • Hardware Upgrades: Enhance your PC with additional hardware, such as a second hard disk.
  • Software Installation/Removal: Install or remove software applications efficiently.
  • Virus and Spyware Removal: Detect and eliminate malicious software to protect your system.
  • PC Security: Implement security measures to safeguard your PC.
  • Printer Setup: Configure printers for seamless operation.
  • VOIP Services: Set up Voice Over IP for cost-effective communication.
  • Email Configuration: Manage and configure email accounts.
  • Cloud Solutions: Integrate cloud services for efficient data storage and access.
  • Internet Troubleshooting: Resolve internet connectivity issues.
  • Secure Decommissioning: Safely decommission or destroy your old PC, mobile, or tablet.

If you don’t see the service you need listed, give us a call. We’re confident we can address your problem quickly and conveniently, at your office or home, at a time that suits you.

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