John is a keen Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, also known as the Royal Society of Arts, is a London-based organisation committed to finding practical solutions to social challenges. This body reflects some of our ideas on driving the world forward, and he is proud to be a member of such an organisation.

Wellis Technology is keen on finding solutions to social problems, and John’s membership of this prestigious organisation allows us to work with others to enhance all our lifes. Currently Wellis Technology ongoiningly, supports several local charities and other organisations, for example our equipment recyling scheme, where older technology (PC’s, Tablets or Mobile Telephones) are reused to support those who have nothing, and where the equipment is beyond usability, we work with charities to recycle the equipment through specialised recycling organisations.

Here is a link their web site