Disaster Planning

Companies and Individuals always try and run their businesses on the tightest margins; often even forgetting simple things like backing up their data. This can see the end of a business in a single night.
We have had customers who have fallen foul of this. The 1st lost his VAT return data from his computer, the night before it had to be sent in. Thankfully he managed to reach an agreement with HMRC and had 2 weeks to re-key his data from the original receipts on a new PC. The second managed other people’s stock portfolios and one day a hard drive failed; 3 days later he went out of business.
Companies and people need to plan for issues like this, Wellis Technology can help, by recommending strategies for no data loss.
We can also aid further with more company-wide Disaster Planning or Business Continuity Planning.
For example, have you considered what would happen if your building caught fire, a key member of staff fell ill or died, what if the internet died? All of these could have an impact on your business and could possibly be terminal.
We are here to help; we can work with you to develop a plan; offering outline suggestions; running planning meetings; collating the relevant information and building a robust plan, that should the worst occur, you and your business could be back up and running in under a day.
John Ellis our disaster recovery expert has worked over they years on many such plans at differing levels from design to execution; including Arun District Council, J Evershed & Son, Worthing Borough Council, Family Investments, The Institution of Analysts and Programmers.
If you want to do it for yourselves they why not start here with his quick start 4 key points.
1) Loss of building
2) Loss of key staff
3) Loss of telecommunications
4) Loss of Internet or Provider
If you would like to discuss your needs with John, then give him a call directly on 07976 806151 or ring the office on 01903 692762.