Project Management

For many years I have worked on many projects in many different roles, many of these has been as a project manager or team leading a strand of a project. Using tools like MS Project and/or Agile tools like Version 1, projects have been delivered on time and to budget (well almost all).
MS Project works well with traditional waterfall projects and as a high level monitor for agile based projects.

Agile allows us to take on bigger projects in smaller bites (typically 3 week sprints) and get elements of the product out early. This way feature changes can be incorporated in future sprints and prioritised by the business as required.

Managing the stresses of a project, whether staffing, financial or time elements and conveying this to the appropriate people and resolving the issues is what we love to do.
These projects have included:-

  • Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrade.
  • Cloud/Desktop based Membership System
  • Sanctions Processing, terrorism checking
  • Online Paperless Statements
  • AUDDIS, banking automation
  • ADDACS, banking automation
  • Child Trust Fund
  • Introduction of MTS (now COM+)
  • Many web site redesigns
  • Movement of hosting’s for web sites and email
  • Housing Benefits
  • Community Charge
  • Council Tax

Many organisations do not have a full time project manger as they do not have enough call to keep one employed, we are able to provide full or part time project management as required. From 1/2 a day a week upward.