Application Development

With 30 years of experience in writing small, medium and large systems for our clients we are well based to work with you and/or your own development team to create systems for the future.
We have extensive experience in COBOL, BASIC, VB 6, ASP, VB.NET, ASP.NET.  Also experience in JavaScript, C# and PHP.

These days we primarily work within the Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Framework environment. Visual Studio allows us to work with the Microsoft Framework to create state of the art systems.

This allows us to develop systems that are quick to develop, robust and easy to support.
With many systems today; a database is required and we work with Microsoft SQL Server, MS SQL Server Express and Compact, we also work with MySQL and for smaller systems MS Access.

A skill set often overlooked is also with the Microsoft Office suite where we can develop systems using MS Word, Excel and Access using Visual Basic For Applications. This technology is tucked away but available to use and allows us to do some major work both within the Office suite or by tying in same MS Excel to your 3rd party systems to automate weekly, monthly, yearly figures. This removes the mundane from your staff and reduces typo errors.
A quick list of some of our systems.
Travel Master, a system to manage airport taxi companies
Paperboy, as system to manage paper delivery’s and invoicing for a paper shop
Stock Control, several of these have been written for various small businesses.
Stock and Invoicing,  several of these have been written for various small businesses.
Membership System, written to replace 3 separate systems, this is both a desktop and cloud based system, used across the world.
Wedding Photography, for a small photography studio to manage their photo-shoots and allow online ordering and payment.
Online Stock Ordering, web based system for a local craft company specializing in textiles.