Web Sites

20 years ago we were writing very basic but functional HTML based web sites for our clients.
We soon realised that maintaining web sites was time consuming and spelling mistakes were annoying, either our typing or the customers spelling. We wrote our own CMS system in ASP and this allowed our customers to maintain their own sites without coming back to us. This was at a time when no other commercial CMS was available.

We specialise in database driven web sites, they provide flexibility and reduce on going costs for the end user. Changes are immediate and can allow web sites of substantial size (our current largest is over 10,000) pages to be created.

Today we still have our custom system (ASP and ASP.NET), but tend to use products like WordPress as a CMS and either a standard WordPress theme or one of our own ASP, ASP.NET in VB or PHP custom written front ends.

All of these sites are powered by standard databases, from SQL Server to MySQL and even Microsoft Access.

We can register your domain for you and host it; we do this through established companies like Redstation, 1&1, Easily, Web Hosting UK, GoDaddy and NamesCo.
Our aim is to help you create flexible web sites that will empower you business.
While we do not have our own Graphics Designer we have access to many and can work with you to create a business ready site.
We can also take you existing static web site and make it a dynamic site so that you can change your content  quickly and easily. We can add shopping basket technologies and credit card or PayPal if required.
If you are looking for a really cheap option, why not consider a company site with FaceBook, many people use this blogging tool and is an easy way of adding functionality or even being a whole site for a business. Contact us for more information.
Here are a few of our sites
Institution Of Analysts And Programmers
Dreams Captured
The Twisting Stitch
Hillcrest Country House Hotel
Promenade Holiday Homes
Our own www.wellis-technology.co.uk & www.wellis-technology.com
Some additional sites we have worked on in part
Family Investments
 Aqua Tecture
Roger Green Sound and Vision
Roundstone Caravans
Ace Car Hire
Bomb Disposal Club