Computer Problems – or Finger Trouble

Recently one of my clients asked me about a possible upgrade on his PC.
He had been quoted around £150 to put 12GB of memory into his computer.
I went and had a look and found which chips he needed and we managed to find a deal on Amazon for £75 for 4x4GB chips a total of 16GB.
He ordered them and I said give me a call when they come and I will put them in.
A week later I had not heard from him and then I got a call. He had tried to put them in by himself; now the computer did not work at all. He explained that he had tried 2 chips but only 4GB showed on his computer, then he put his old chips back and now nothing.
I dutifully turned up to have a look.
The first thing when dealing with the inside of a PC is to have a grounding strap to stop static electricity destroying the chips or your PC. He had missed this.
When I reached in to check the chips he had put back, the chips fell out, they had not been pushed in correctly; you have to be quite firm pressing them in and have them the right way round, or you could damage the chip, the socket or even the motherboard.
I removed all the chips and added the new chips correctly, with a satisfying click as they slotted in. He know has 20GB, 16GB of new chips plus 2 of the old 2GB chips in the remaining sockets.
The moral here is to give us a call and let the professionals fit them. We have the kit and the know-how.