Google Glass

This last weekend I tried a set of Google Glass. First impressions is that they are comfortable and do not interfere with your vision.
While I can see that they will have a place, I was not that impressed with the amount of screen I seemed to have displayed. This could have been because of the setup of the device and may have needed customising more for my head!.
images (1) 
While a nice toy! I think until practical applications that use it more than showing the road ahead and overlaying it, it will be considered a ‘I want one of those’ devices and at £1000 for the initial version, this should drop when they go on general sale, I do not think I would pay more than £200 for a set. A possible practical application would be; your car service manual, and when you look at the car, you could overlay the schematics or instructions to do some minor service function. Any more bright idea’s?
Like all new idea’s I think I will be waiting for Google Glass 1.1 or 2.0.