Watch Out

Once again I hear from some of my customers that someone has called them from Windows Support and that my client’s computer has a problem.
Firstly all Windows PC’s have a problem, so do Apple, so does your mobile phone. Any computing device that has software on it, plus downloaded patches etc eventually has conflicts or mismatched software. It’s a way of life and most people do not even notice.
Secondly and most importantly Windows Support is not Microsoft and is a con!!!
They contact you to tell you that you have a problem, they then get you to download a piece of software to help them fix the problem, you give them a code number and then they have full access to your computer.
You the user have just given them full access to your computer and they have no intention of fixing any problems.
The best thing is to either just hang up or if you are bold enough get a contact name and telephone number, then pass this to the Sussex Police Cyber Crime unit.
If you think you have a problem anyway, why not give us a call and we will come and take a look for you at a reasonable rate.