Windows Technical Support Scam

Watch out for the Windows Technical Support Scam; This is doing the rounds again.
Basically someone rings you up and tells you that you have a problem on your computer (everyone does by the way). After a lot of talking and showing you that you have an error (they are not really; and certainly not important). They ask you to go to a web site and download some software, then they ask you for a key code.
DO NOT DO THIS!!!!, the software allows anyone with the correct key code access to your PC and they then have full remote access to your computer and all the files on it. They can install viruses and other malware and basically you are screwed.
Try and get as much information about them as possible (Name, contact info etc) and report it to the police. You can do this via the Sussex (or your local) Police web site. Don’t expect much back from them but it ups the statistics and they can use this to get support for the cyber crime division.
If you do fall for it, they pull your internet lead out of the PC or turn off your PC and give me a call, I should be able to fix it.